A Bunch of Words

A Bunch of words

Arthur Chu is a a fine Jeopardy! champ. Trebek is an average Trebek. Did anyone else see when there was a S&M related clue? That was worse than every time I have to watch the damn Clue Crew. If I had so much money that I never had to work another day in my life (other than oversee the cat sanctuary for which I would be the wealthy benefactor), I would spend all of my time studying to become the next great Jeopardy! champ. The stuff of legend like Ken Jennings, Arthur Chu and my former favorite, Larissa Kelly. Yes, Arthur Chu has stolen the long-held position as my favorite Jeopardy! champ from Larissa Kelly.

I want a new car. Probably either an Accord or an Odyssey. I love the Insight and it is very close to paid off, but it’s really small with the car seat. I’m pretty much the only person who can fit in the passenger seat when the car seat is in there. And even I am uncomfortable. I was planning to go look for something new over the weekend, but I was strong and refrained. Maybe in a couple of months.

I took this photo of Tiki the other day. This is one of his most handsome portraits ever.


During Jan and Feb, I read 20 books. I’m developing a very serious obsession with John Grisham. And he has a whole lot of books, so I think it will keep me occupied for a while.

Semi related to Grisham’s content, it’s been two years since I left private practice.

Now that I’ve had the baby, I figure I shouldn’t eat birthday cake every day. I still want it, but I’m trying to pretend hummus and crackers is the same. It’s not.

According to internet quizzes, I am: Virginia Woolf, “Rent,” Mrs. Hughes, Emily from PLL, Katy Perry, Tamra from The Mindy Project (unexpected, I’ll admit it – I was expecting Danny), Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, a lettuce burger (total lies), Baby Spice, Lucky Charms, Grey Line with Black, Blue and Yellow, and Jeremy Bentham. I’m probably other things that I don’t remember. Internet quizzes in the middle of the night are sometimes easily forgotten.

There. Now I’m satisfied. I typed some random words. Now I can perhaps get back to some normal posts with related thoughts.

Newborn Portraits with Honeytree Gallerie

Newborn Portraits

Scroll to the bottom for an exclusive discount with Honeytree Gallerie! Even when I didn’t have a baby, I loved newborn photographs. Maybe Anne Geddes was responsible. All of those babies dressed as flowers and veggies. Adorable. Since our maternity pics with Honeytree Gallerie turned out perfectly, it was a must that we have Nicole […]

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Oh, about My Placenta…


Remember when Suri Cruise was born? The internet was full of rumors on how Tom Cruise was eating Katie’s placenta like a nice steak dinner. Well, for purposes of this story, I’m Tom Cruise in this one. You’ve been warned. When the pregnancy started, I was all, oh, schedule that c-section now. Then, I was […]

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My Birth Story

Birth Story

Our little Christmas baby decided to come early. Here’s his story. Sometime during the middle of my 37th week, I got a cold or virus of some sort. Nothing major, but I was dragging and didn’t feel great. Add a whole lot of pregnant to that and I felt awful. When I went to my […]

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Happy Sixth Anniversary to Us

Sixth Anniversary

Our sixth anniversary is this weekend. Here’s a pic from our vow renewal on our fifth anniversary. (The last photo of me with a gallbladder.) Here we are earlier this month. A lot can happen in a year. I don’t talk a lot about my husband on my blog. He is the most amazing man […]

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Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks

35 weeks. That means there are only five weeks left. Bump pics. The past three weeks have been really busy and I’ve been really tired. We did a second 3d ultrasound on Veteran’s Day. He looks a lot like me. In one important area, however, he looks like his dad. Yes, it looks like he […]

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A Conversation with No Winners

No Winners

For Thanksgiving, my husband fries a turkey. In the past, we’ve used an outdoor fryer. The result is awesome, but everyone lives in fear for a few hours that the house will turn into a giant fireball. This year, we got a fancy new indoor fryer. Since we’ve never used it, my husband wants to […]

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Our Maternity Portraits with Honeytree Gallerie

Maternity Portraits

We’re in the final stretch before this little guy gets here, so it was time to get our maternity portraits done. We had such a great experience with our photographer and we are thrilled with the results. I have to share some here and tell a couple of the background stories. First, let’s talk about […]

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