Happy Motherhood

Now, when I look at the calendar, I know it says July. I see it. And my mind is blown every time. It feels like I gave birth two weeks ago.

Despite how I feel, more than six months have passed since my sweet boy was born. (WHAT??)

I have treasured every second of this journey. Even the hard stuff. But man, does time fly.

When the baby hit six months, he started to show an interest in food. It was time to introduce solids. We started easy with some banana, which was well received. I wanted to try a couple of the organic baby food brands to see how he liked them. It was quickly evident that he had a favorite: Happy Baby.

We are in Stage One for babies. The texture of the foods is perfect. The sweet potatoes are a favorite of both parents and baby. Happy baby, indeed. And happy baby always leads to happy mom.

When I got an email from Happy Family asking if I’d like to host a review and giveaway of their product, I said yes immediately. We use and love their products.

HF Logo_HiRes

There are a lot of reasons to love Happy Family. Their foods are organic and don’t have any artificial ingredients that you don’t want for your baby. The packaging has no BPA, which is really important to me. Since we’ve sampled various brands, I can tell you that they taste great. Even to my adult palate, they taste exactly like the product that you are expecting and they aren’t overly watered down, which was my big complaint with most of the other brands that we’ve tried.

We also love the Happy Bellies rice cereal. I thought the taste might be bland and it would be a struggle to get the baby to eat it. To the contrary, he LOVES it. After sweet potatoes, I think it is his favorite thing that he has tried.

Here’s our happy baby eating his favorite, sweet potatoes, for breakfast.

Happy Baby in Action

He’s always in motion, so getting a clear pic of him eating is not easy.

If you are considering their line of products, Happy Family also has outstanding resources on their site to help parents. There is an allergy guide and a ton of information on nutritional guidelines. As someone who is just introducing her baby to the world of solids, the nutritional guide for infants and toddlers was really helpful.

Visit Happy Family’s website, like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also subscribe to Generation Happy, their quarterly newsletter.

Now, for the fun part. It’s giveaway time. If you’d like to try the Happiest Baby Package from Happy Family, enter below for a chance to win. You’ll receive free trial coupons that you can redeem at your nearest retailer. Good luck!

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