2013 Goals Update – June Edition

Goals Update

June. That’s all done. Fun month, right? I turned 37. The whole pregnancy announcement. The super fun illness that is kicking my butt while pregnant. Here’s where we are with my 2013 goals for June. 1. Get better at using my camera. So that I could learn how to take bump pics, I had to […]

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The Stuff that I Love: Pregnancy Edition


I honestly had no idea how much random new stuff I was going to need while pregnant. Yes, I knew my body would change, but I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be using any of the same stuff. Since I constantly ask my ladies questions, I thought I would create this handy list of all […]

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The Second Trimester

Second Trimester

14 weeks. Second trimester. Based on what the internet told me, I thought I would wake up today and all of my pregnancy woes would suddenly be healed. Instead, I woke up at 5 am with the most intense nausea that I’ve had in days. I always see this questionnaire on blogs when people are […]

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Vroom Vroom: Thoughts on Driving in Las Vegas


When I lived in New Jersey, everyone said that Jersey drivers were the worst. When I moved to Delaware, people grumbled about Maryland drivers. Know why? Because they’ve never tried to drive in Las Vegas. 1. Commuting can make you cranky. I work from home. My office is connected to our bedroom, so my morning […]

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All about Elmo


Tiki gets a lot of features on this blog. He’s mouthy, judgmental and very photogenic. Now, it’s time for Elmo to get his moment in the spotlight. Elmo is possibly the sweetest cat in the world. He is super friendly and all he wants is for every single person that he encounters to be his […]

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May not be funny to lawyers


An exchange that I share for my lawyer friends. Here’s the background that you need. 1. This is all because of a recent episode of MasterChef. 2. This is what happens when two lawyers are married. A verbatim email exchange between me and my husband. Me: I want butter poached lobster for dinner. Thanks. Husband: No. […]

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Gastroparesis & Pregnancy


You know that show on TV about people who didn’t know they were pregnant? And all of those people who say that being pregnant is awesome and they have never felt better? I’m 90% sure that we’re dealing with a different biological process. As I mentioned before, I’ve got gastroparesis. The search button on my […]

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The Big Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal

First, I want to thank everyone for the support after our pregnancy announcement, both here and on Facebook. You’re all amazing and you make me feel loved and special and other squishy words. Here’s the big post with the gender reveal. Wouldn’t it be fun if that was how I ended the post? How about […]

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