A Paint-by-Numbers Guide to Spam Blog Commenting


If you blog, this is a review section for you and you can skip along to the next paragraph. Non-bloggers, there are people out in the world who spend their days adding spam comments to blogs. I’m sure you are saying, wow, that’s boring, why would anyone do that. Basically, they are putting some sort […]

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How to Save Money on Books

How to save money on books

Once upon a time, I spent a ton of money each month on books. These days, I’m cheap about my reading. If I was still spending $9.99 per book and I meet my goal of 75 books for the year, that’s almost $750!  There are simply too many places where I can get books without […]

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The Prehistoric Wolfdog


A little bit of background info: I work from home. Because I don’t know any better, I assume that dinosaurs sounded exactly like movie dinosaurs. The same goes for all prehistoric creatures. I live in Vegas and there are ten houses on a lot that would fit one house with a reasonable sized yard in […]

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I Hate Clutter – Home Office Edition

I hate Clutter - home office

Last year, two important things happened: 1) I started working from home. 2) I read The Happiness Project. The book seriously changed my perspective on so many things. But, I started to realize the stifling effect of stuff. Clutter. Piles of things. I wanted to work in an open, inviting environment. It’s taken a long […]

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The Importance of Sunscreen


This is what a normal Elmo head looks like. This is what it looks like when Elmo sits inside, in front of an open window, for most of the day. Yup. Now I have cat mommy guilt because I didn’t know that he could get sunburn through a screen.

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How We Cut Our Grocery Spending by Approximately 50%


Our grocery spending was out of control. Each week, it was common for me to spend between $200-300 at Whole Foods. Add in the monthly trip to Costco. Add in the small trips in between for little stuff we might need at Smith’s. There were months where we easily spent $1,300 a month on groceries. […]

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Blogging Seinfeld Style

Seinfeld Style

[Please humor me and when you read the title, say it a la "oppan gangnam style." That's how it sounds in my head and I want it to sound like that in your head too.] I was planning to write a grocery shopping post, but I have all of these other fragments in my head, […]

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Let’s Talk about Books

Book Club

One of my goals for 2013 is to read 75 books. I’m doing great so far and I finished 17 by the end of February. Just in case you aren’t friends with me on GoodReads, here’s what I’ve read so far in 2013. As a reminder, I tend to read really light fiction. Women’s lit […]

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