Newborn Portraits with Honeytree Gallerie

Newborn Portraits

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Even when I didn’t have a baby, I loved newborn photographs. Maybe Anne Geddes was responsible. All of those babies dressed as flowers and veggies. Adorable. Since our maternity pics with Honeytree Gallerie turned out perfectly, it was a must that we have Nicole take pics of our little guy.

About ten days after he was born, we met Nicole for our session.

During this type of portrait session, I’m told that cooperative babies usually sleep so that they can be dressed up and posed and they look adorable. Our baby, on the other hand, wanted  no part of that. He was AWAKE almost the whole time. This was one of his first outings, so I think he was very curious about the world. Plus, Nicole is very charming, so he wanted to hang out with her.

For our maternity session, I had a handful of things that I wanted to do. For the newborn pics, I only had one specific thing that I wanted. We got an incredible gift from Robin. Right after the baby was born, she sent a beautiful selection of books for the baby. Anyone who knows me knows just how much this gift meant to me.

2013-12-20 11.49.35

To keep with the book theme from our maternity portraits, I wanted to incorporate some of the books from Robin with the baby. Other than that, I really just wanted super cute portraits to remember these fleeting moments.

He started out relatively peaceful, but then he woke up. And stayed up. Because he wanted to check out everything going on.

Nicole is incredibly patient and she got beautiful shots from the entire shoot in those few quick minutes that he would close his eyes.

Newborn Pic Kittenagogo

Newborn Pic Kittenagogo

Newborn Pic Kittenagogo

Newborn Pic Kittenagogo

For one pose, this little guy just wouldn’t close his eyes. He was way too curious about everything happening around him. Of course, it was the set with the books.

Newborn Pic Kittenagogo

We got pics of the baby with big open eyes. But then, we got the this one and it is, without a doubt, our favorite. We used it on our birth announcements from Tiny Prints.

Newborn Pic Kittenagogo

We like to think he’s telling us about how much he loves books. This photo captures so much of his curious personality. He is a very active boy and loves to watch the world around him.

Nicole captured this perfect moment for us and we are so grateful to have these photos. I think she is one of the best photographers that I’ve encountered in Las Vegas. I told my husband that we are going to put her on retainer because it will be easiest. I have so many ideas for future family photo shoots. Just check out this post on her blog with the balloon pics. I cannot wait to do something similar to this. So much beautiful color!

Because I want everyone to get to know Nicole’s work personally, I asked if she would offer a discount to my readers and she was happy to do so. If you want to set up a session with Honeytree Gallerie, you can contact Nicole through her website. Give her promo code KITTENAGOGO and you’ll get $25 to put toward prints or digital images! I’m sure you’ll love her work just as much as we have!