Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks

35 weeks. That means there are only five weeks left.

Tiki 35 weeks

Bump pics.



The past three weeks have been really busy and I’ve been really tired.

We did a second 3d ultrasound on Veteran’s Day. He looks a lot like me.

Baby and Danielle

In one important area, however, he looks like his dad. Yes, it looks like he has detached earlobes. Now, if he can roll his Rs and fold his tongue, he will have no worries in biology class in high school. It also looks like he has a layer of hair, based on the ultrasound, but I don’t know that we can determine the color at this point. As you can see from the above photo, I was all sorts of bald. If he has hair, I am guessing that it will be dark. So perhaps he will have a mini-Danielle face and my husband’s coloring. We’ll find out soon!

Here are the bullets:

  • We’re done birthing class. I got a birthing ball and finished my birth plan and gave it to the doctor. Now we wait. (Until after 12/20, okay little one?)
  • We now have a pediatrician. I love her.
  • At first, baby hiccups were cute. Now they are like pelvis-shattering earthquakes.
  • Next week, we start weekly checkups.
  • One month until I am on maternity leave. (Must finish all the things.)

I’m really tired at this stage, so I’m resorting to the standard pregnancy questionnaire. Yup, that again.  (I had to cut and paste this and it’s doing weird stuff with the spacing. The tired is winning over my OCD need to fix it.)

How big is baby? Based on last week’s ultrasound, about 5.5-6 lbs. this week, I think.
Total weight gain/loss? 23 lbs. So far, I’m doing surprisingly well here.
Maternity clothes? These started a long, long time ago.
Stretch marks? A couple on each side, but nothing too bad.
Sleep? On Sunday night, I had a blissful night of perfect sleep and I only woke up twice. Now I’m back to weird dreams and heartburn all night.

Movement? He moves a lot. I’m mildly convinced that he has an extra set of legs that we can’t see on the ultrasound. He still goes for the organs and ribs. He also kicks when my husband gets home from work and he hears us talking. He seems to sense Elmo too. Elmo likes to lay in a way where he is stretched across the bump and his chest is resting close to the baby. Elmo purrs really really loud and I think it vibrates the baby. He responds with movement and Elmo purrs more. It’s cute, like they are interacting.

Food cravings? I can’t eat a ton right now because he’s taking up so much room. At this point, my goal is calories and heartburn-free. My favorite is toast with butter and chocolate milk. That’s my breakfast every morning. I have a lot of problems with digesting veggies right now, so I stick with little roasted gold potatoes (not sweet potatoes – orange foods are my enemy at this stage) and artichokes. Lettuce and mushrooms are fine, so I can handle salad. Salad dressing is a bit more tricky. I prefer dressing salads with vinegar based stuff and I learned that was not a good mix with heartburn.

Labor Signs? Practice labor, but nothing out of the ordinary. Right now, I find the whole separating pelvis thing much more painful than those.

Belly Button in or out? It is so far out that it might be forming another stomach.

What I miss? Energy. I have a lot to get done and I am acting like a crazy person. By the end of the day when I get to hang out with hubby and cats, I am in tons of pain and just want to go to bed.

What I am looking forward to? Completing every item on my to-do list. Dressing the baby up like a bear. Taking cat meets baby photos. Being able to cut my own toenails again at some point.

Best moment this week? The blissful night of sleep on Sunday night. Oh, and last Friday, I was craving Fleming’s potatoes, so we went for an early anniversary dinner. I got more Fleming’s potatoes than I should admit and my husband got a giant aged steak and he was also in food heaven. It always makes me happy to watch my husband’s reactions when the baby is kicking and moving. They are going to be the best of friends.
Milestones? Waddling. Lots and lots of waddling. Saying goodbye to underwire for a long time. Ordering just about everything baby-related that amazon sells and having it arrive in a tower of boxes that was almost as tall as me.


  1. says

    I love how you think the baby is coming right on schedule. Ahh ha ahaaaa ahaha aa. Plan something really important the day you want him to arrive (besides the arrival, of course). Then you can be sure to go into labor at that moment!

  2. says

    Oh the baby hiccups drove me crazy!!!! But then many times it was the only time I felt little one move. She was a quiet little thing. Now she is bouncing off the walls and kept stay still for a millisecond.

    Exciting times!