Our Maternity Portraits with Honeytree Gallerie

Maternity Portraits

We’re in the final stretch before this little guy gets here, so it was time to get our maternity portraits done. We had such a great experience with our photographer and we are thrilled with the results. I have to share some here and tell a couple of the background stories.

First, let’s talk about our awesome photographer, Honeytree Gallerie. If you are in Vegas, Nicole is fantastic. She’s really easygoing and she is fantastic with light. Go like her on Facebook because she is awesome.

Our pics were done at Floyd Lamb park, which is a bit of a hike from our house, but it’s so pretty. It feels like you aren’t really in Vegas with its fancy colorful leaves and small bodies of water and birds. There are ducks and geese and, oh, tons of peacocks. Before we went, I was very fixated on getting pics with the peacocks and Nicole was okay with that. In other words, she handled my quirkiness very well.

When we talked about what I wanted from my maternity portraits, it was pretty simple: I didn’t want any weird naked photos of my bump, nothing involving me wearing sheer stuff to show my bump and I wanted to look like I only had one chin. Don’t be afraid – I am fully clothed the whole time. The chin thing is pretty much out of my control at this point, but she did a great job minimizing it. Also, to make sure no one’s eyes were hurt by the photos, I struggled my way through the day wearing underwire. (Those days are over for a long time, friends. A very long time. The marks that I had when it was done…. But that’s for a different post.)

DSC_0030 copy

This is me and the husband. This was one of the first photos of the day.

DSC_0044 copy

Look! It’s Vegas and there are leaves on the ground! This park is awesome. Now, stop looking at the pregnant lady and look at the roof. Yeah, that’s four peacocks on the roof of a building. We probably spent a lot of time with me in this spot begging them to come down and play with me. They were not interested in being friends.

DSC_0163 copy

I love this one. I realize you are being visually assaulted by my belly button, so we’ll move along.

DSC_0234 copy

I’m pretty sure that everyone knows how much I like to read at this point. (Just finished book 91 for the year. 95 if we include nonfiction pregnancy manuals.) I really wanted to get a photo that showed a love of reading and books. Also, The Great Gatsby is our favorite book. I thought it would be great to have a photo with me reading Gatsby and having my husband read to the baby. This was not as easy as you would think, especially when you want to minimize chins. We had two book options with us for baby reading materials. The first is in this photo. It’s Animus by Seonna Hong. You may recognize that illustration – I own the painting and it will be hanging in the baby’s room. I love this one since both books have a lot of meaning.

DSC_0250 copy

This is the second book option that we had with us. It’s a book on Benjamin Franklin. My husband loves history and I grew up not far from Philadelphia, so Ben Franklin is a perfect fit. You can’t see the whole cover, but Gatsby is also by my husband’s knee.

DSC_0631 copy

Another cute couple shot. But, look, natural bodies of water and ducks in Las Vegas!

Yes, I am very short and ready to topple over from the bump.

DSC_0517 copy

Love this one. My child-sized hands don’t look too weird in it.

DSC_0682 copy

At the very end of the day, we finally found some peacocks who were sort of willing to pose with me. See where the bird is? Someone left a giant pile of Chex Mix on the ground. Fact: Peacocks like Chex Mix. I watched this bird go crazy for some pretzels and mini breadsticks. As I attempted to move closer to him, I threw him more Chex Mix. If that bird had a stomach ache after, I am very sorry, but I am pretty sure he would have gone back for it anyway.

Also, I’m having a very deep conversation with the bird. It went like this.

“Hey. Hi. Hello.”
[Stares and walks away with suspicion.]
“No, stay here. I like you. Do you want some more pretzels?”
[Takes pretzel thrown by its feet and eats in whole.]
“I like you. Will you be my best friend? Nooooo, please stay over here birdie. I want to be friends.”
[Loses interest as pile of Chex Mix disappears.]

DSC_0711 copy

And in this one, there were TWO peacocks sort of close to me so I was in heaven. The one on the right was the original friend and he was done with me. The other one was coming to see what the other one had that was so good. (Note: it was the Chex Mix, not his new best friend.)

I adore these portraits so much. Nicole captured exactly what I wanted and was especially tolerant as I ran around chasing peacocks. You can check out more of the photos on the Honeytree Gallerie website in this post.


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    Not sure which I like better — the photos or your always hilarious, understated comments. Peacocks are pretty, but they sure are noisy. And apparently fickle too! What I learned today from this post — Brian actually exists. Maybe