Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

30 weeks

Only ten weeks left!

Update fatigue

Here are your weekly bump pics.




Things to note about this week’s pics.

  1. It is getting harder to disguise how tired I am. Unless, of course, there is a cat involved. Sure, I can smile big, but man, I would like to be sleeping.
  2. I’m wearing non-maternity pants. I have two identical pairs of New Balance yoga pants that are years old and I can still wear them. Not in public because sometimes the waistband likes to dip below my stomach. But they are still very comfy.
  3. My belly button deserves its own number on this list.
  4. The little string loop for my obligatory pregnant lady belt broke this morning. I was not motivated enough to change shirts. Surprisingly, neither cat has found the string yet. It’s only a matter of time.

The past week. Have I mentioned that I’m tired? Because that’s my primary focus. Other than some back pain and residual sinus stuff, I feel pretty good. But so, so tired. I have slept much better this week and savor every minute of it. I was in bed before 9 pm on Saturday night and was quite happy about it.

I have no recollection of this, but I’m told that I fell asleep during a late night bathroom visit this week. As in, my husband could not figure out where I went and found me asleep on the toilet. I vaguely remember this bathroom break and I remember being startled in the process, but I do not recall a nap a la commode.

Also, this happened. I am so excited to share my due date with one of my favorite people.

Bullet time.

  • We started hypnobirthing class this week. 4 weeks left. It is already bringing out my competitive side and I have to be the very best at hypnobirthing. Somehow, I think that defeats the relaxation part of things.
  • On Saturday, the cleaning got a little out of control again. But magic erasers are magic. I tried to shampoo the carpet, but after I was done, I learned that it wasn’t working. In fact, the shampooer no longer works. Time to call my friends at Zerorez, I guess.
  • Finding long-sleeved maternity shirts is hard when you are a short. They’re all way too long. I’m on the hunt for all 3/4 length sleeves that I can find and then they will just look normal. I hope. I have no clue what I’m going to wear for our maternity pics at this point. I think I’m supposed to look nice for that.
  • All of the books and the internet tell me that I should have horrible heartburn from now until the baby comes. Here’s the thing – I’m not sure if I have ever had heartburn. I keep asking my husband about certain symptoms and he says that it doesn’t sound like heartburn. With my history of GI issues, I’m not sure how I have avoided something as common as heartburn, but I’ve been waiting. I assume that I will know it when it happens.
  • The little guy kicks all of the time. I’m doing kick counting for my midwife and it never takes him long to get in his ten kicks. The longest we’ve gone is six minutes and that was during a really quiet and still period.
  • My obsession with hard boiled eggs continues. I may have had three for lunch yesterday, along with some string cheese and a cookie. They are the best food ever.
  • After birth class, my husband repeatedly asked me if I am ready for life post-baby. The answer is yes. I feel as prepared as I am going to get, I think. Well, other than the fact that I need to get diapers. But those are pretty easy to get, so I am not terribly concerned. Until, however, last night, when my husband said how awesome it would be to have him get here before Christmas and then we could have baby’s first Christmas this year. That’s when I was all, hell no. I have December mapped out for work projects and he has to wait until his due date so I can get everything done. Does this mean that I’m not ready? I realize that this guy dictates all of the rules in this game, but I hope he stays cozy for close to the fully allotted amount of time.

The end


  1. says

    I am totally cracking up that you fell asleep on the toilet. I love sharing a due date with you and reading about all of your pregnancy adventures!

  2. says

    hah can’t believe you fell asleep in the bathroom! you would totally know if you had heartburn… it’s like a burning fire in your chest. i get it occasionally, but had it for weeks with liv until she dropped. you look great!