Fibromyalgia Diaries #9 Trillion – Brought to you by Candida

We haven’t talked about my health in ages. Let’s take care of some stuff in a list, because you know I find them soothing.

  1. Dr. Garcia left the Fibro & Fatigue center, so I had to find a new doctor.
  2. I found a new doctor/office. I like them.
  3. Except that I needed an antibiotic.
  4. And he thinks my hormones (the lady kind) may be screwed up.
  5. So I had to spit in a tube. Not easy for someone with dry mouth.
  6. The antibiotics have the candida raging in my gut. It’s a “we want sugar” party in there.
  7. Like, let’s have a piece of chocolate cake for lunch instead of something healthy because I crave sugar so badly. (Fortunately, I didn’t gain any of the weight that I lost back. Yay for my functioning thyroid.)
  8. I finished the antibiotic yesterday.

So it is time to get rid of the candida. If you are new to this part of my life, let’s get this over with. I have issues with yeast infections. Not there. In my intestines. That sort of yeast likes flour, refined crap and sugar. In order to get rid of the yeast, I have to drastically modify my diet, suffer through the herxheimer reaction (aka “die off”) and take an antifungal.

I started with diet modification today. During this time, I am going against the typical rules for a candida cleanse – I am doing this vegetarian. Last time, I hated chicken so much that I never wanted to see chicken again. So I am getting protein from other sources. I am, however, eating eggs and yogurt. It’s not vegan. Just regular vegetarian.

Here’s what I can eat (because it is easier than listing what I can’t eat): tree nuts (peanuts are a legume), assloads of veggies, eggs, more veggies, plain yogurt and I’m allowing me to have quinoa. Some purists say no. I say, screw you, I’m having quinoa.

No sugar in any form. This morning, I made my first protein shake. Vega chocolate protein powder. 1 cup of water. 1 cup of ice. 1/2 cup of organic plain yogurt (not Greek). 1 tablespoon of almond butter.

It didn’t taste bad and I was full. I didn’t think it would ¬†make me full, but it totally did. Yay protein shake. I wasn’t hungry until lunch.

Lunch – Quinoa with broccoli. Carrot sticks. Greek yogurt (plain Oikos) mixed with almond butter.

Probably steamed cabbage for dinner.

Tonight, I am going to make my protein shake before bed and freeze it. Suggested by the lovely/kickass Carla of Mizfitonline, one of our amazing FitFluential ambassadors.

I’m going to get super bitchy in a couple of days when the candida starts to die and begins releasing toxins… As always, I’m thankful for burbur, which should cut down on symptoms.

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  1. Wow, that sounds really rough! I’m a mean person without sugar. Good luck!