I KILLED DISCOVER – Discover’s Viking Funeral

In May, I KILLED DISCOVER after many months. I planned to KILL DISCOVER in a viking funeral. I did it. Here is the video.


  1. So awesome! :) Congratulations on kicking butt and getting out of debt!

  2. Congrats girl! My hubby even liked the video. =)

  3. Nice. I was hoping for explosions (a la Fight Club), but still fun to watch.

  4. This is by FAR the best thing I’ve ever seen of yours. I am impressed like a mother over here, girl!!! Haha… you crack me up!! :) Perfect way to use your time too, A+!!!

  5. Haha, love this! Great stuff.

    Oh and hey, what’s the name of that music piece? Been trying to learn it forever!

  6. Clare - Never Niche says:


  7. Popped in from SITS! Congrats!

  8. Lisa Picozzi says:

    I enjoyed that. Awesome soundtrack, too.

  9. That was freaking awesome!!! I want to post your video on my blog to share with my readers! :D

  10. That is absolutely hysterical!

    Congrats on paying off the debt, thats a huge accomplishment. I had a similar balance (also with Discover) that I paid off a few years ago… what a sense of relief that was… such a great feeling!

  11. Way to be awesome!

    Best funeral I ever attended!

  12. Bret @ Hope to Prosper says:

    I loved the video Danielle. I feel the same way about my Citibank card.

  13. I think Valkyries are now chasing me. You are very artsy and craftsy. I’m sure it was a happy feeling. Where can I pick up an application for Bank of Grandpa?

  14. That was f***ing awesome (and so are you)! It’s going to be in my roundup post this weekend.

  15. That was great! I can’t wait until I can put a few accounts to death as well. By the way, I found your blog through Kay Lynn’s ^^^ roundup post!

  16. That was so amazing! Love your site!!!

  17. Great video. Congrats for paying your debt, the video is very funny but meaningful. I enjoy watching this video. Thanks you for sharing this.

  18. Great video. Congrats for paying your debt, the video is very funny but meaningful. I enjoy watching this video. Thank you for sharing this.

  19. I love how your mind thinks!

    Stopped by from SITS today :)

  20. Great video! Happy SITTS day!

  21. Wow, good for you. :) ))

  22. Yay for you on winning against the credit card! I’ve had some mild compulsive shopping and am trying, at all costs, to avoid spending more until I pay down my balance.

    I stopped in from SITS, by the way.

  23. Oh my gosh! This CRACKED me UP! Way to go, girl!

    Congratulations on your SITS day!

    (By the way, I am performing that piece (O Fortuna) with my professional choir next month.)

  24. WTG! Feels good don’t it?!?! Happy SITS day ;)

  25. Whoo hoo! I know that must have been a HUGE relief off of your shoulders! Now I’m off to kill some debt! lol

  26. Discover I hardly knew ye.

  27. O Fortuna is so perfect and symbolic. I never noticed it SOUNDS like they are singing “Discover” in there. Maybe they are. But I’m not sure I’d call Carmina Burana (sp?) techno? :)

  28. Congratulations ! The video is great! Congratulations on SITS day and thanks for sharing this post!

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