Carnival of Personal Finance #318: The Breaking Bad Edition

I’m writing this before I watch the Season Premier of Breaking Bad. To say that I’m eager is an understatement. I planned on writing this as Walter White, but I didn’t want to offend anyone, because I realize that not everyone finds meth cookers as engaging as I do. Instead, I’m going to behave like a crazed fangirl, which is not at all unusual.

If you have never seen Breaking Bad, you probably should. You’ll eventually grow desensitized to the horrific violence and ethical/moral quandaries that you face initially. Then, when the Emmy telecast is on, you will shock yourself by turning against your long-time television boyfriend, Benjamin Linus and you’ll scream that Jesse Pinkman deserves to win. What has this show done to you?

Here are my winners/Editor’s Choices this week:

Elizabeth G from Modern Gal:  Underemployed and Unhappy? When Walter White found himself underemployed to pay for his cancer treatments, he… wait, not a good example. The post is much better. Read that. Walter White is not a role model.

Briana from Stupid Cents submitted Personal Finance Lessons from Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a much better role model than Walter White apparently. I have no idea as I have never read the books or watched the movies. (Before you try to sell me on it, you should probably know that I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie.  Me = Lost Cause.)

Suba from Bucksome Boomer wrote Are You Leaving Money on the Table? This post is about using the Pareto Principle. I could talk about how Walter White turned his sales relationship with a certain chicken guy exclusive, but I don’t want to give away spoilers if I am inspiring you to watch the show… (There’s no 80/20 for Walter White. Nope.)

Ramsay from Moneyed Up submitted Building Wealth instead of Clipping Coupons. If you were going to invest in a second business, would you go with a car wash or a laser tag center? But that’s more about money laundering. Read Ramsay’s post for more about building wealth.

While I have an array of Walter White and Breaking Bad imagery that I can use for each category, I’m going to refrain because I believe it will get me banned from the carnival forever.  Money Management – Ensure your lawyer is shady and can launder your money.  Frugality – cut your product with baby powder to increase profits! The other stuff is way worse and my cats are even telling me not to do it. And they are pretty edgy.

Money Management

Barginneering: Home Equity Loan Alternative: Peer Lending

A Gai Shan Life: A Doggle Chariot and Long Term Outlooks

Afford Anything: Simplify. Your. Money.

My Personal Finance Journey: What Would I Do if I Inherited One Million Dollars?

Control Your Cash: Wells Fargo, You’re Not Helping [As an aside, I bank with Wells and I love the envelope-free check deposit.]

Compounding Returns: The 15-Year Millionaire Plan: Year 11


Beating Broke: Raising a Child Does Not Cost as Much as the USDA Estimates

Mighty Bargain Hunter: Netflix is Still Cheaper

The Financial Student: Living at Home Forever

DollarVersity: Brown-Bagging Lunch Has Just as Many Drawbacks as Benefits

Hope to Prosper: Happiness Is Doing It Yourself

Gen Y Capitalist: Temporary Ownership – Do You Still Need that Stuff?

Heartland Living on a Budget: Cutting the Water Bill


Wallet Blog: Is It the Beginning of the End for Magnetic Strip Credit Cards?

Deliver Away from Debt: What it Takes to Clean up Your Credit

ComplexSearch: What Is a Good Credit Score?

Money Health Central: Stories We Tell Ourselves: The Business Credit Card

Accumulating Money: Do Credit Checks Really Hurt Your Credit?

Credit Donkey: Hotel Credit Card Hacking (Awesome Infographic)

Nerd Wallet: New Household Bank Credit Card: 2% Back for Bad Credit

Real Estate

Well Heeled Blog: Moving to Lower Cost of Living

Free from Broke: HUD Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP): Home Loans for Those Facing Foreclosure


Outlaw Finance: Why Your 401(k) is Likely the Best Place to Invest

PT Money Personal Finance: 10 Reasons to Get off Your Butt and Start a Roth IRA

Minting Nickels: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best…Depreciating Asset?

Consumer Boomer: Choosing the Best Section 529 Plan

Good Financial Cents: How to Disaster Proof Your Portfolio

The Dividend Guy Blog: Why We Are Stuck in Hell with Bad CDs While Good Bonds Go to Heaven

Dividend Stocks: Rebalance Your Portfolio

Intelligent Speculator: Is There Any Negative Facebook Press?

Do Not Wait: Generating Income from Your Own Pension Plan – The Pension Advice Series

Dividend Growth Investor: Best Canadian Dividend Stocks

How to Make Bankable Savings: Is a House a Good Investment?

Spruce up Your Finances: 7 Quick Facts about Roth IRA Contributions


Retire Happy Blog: 5 Strategies to Manage Your Debt Levels

Personal Cents: Managing New Debt

Pinch that Penny: Not Raising the Debt Ceiling Means Raising Taxes

The Financial Rebellion: I Hate Lines of Credit


Canadian Finance Blog: Freedom 55 Is Just a Dream


Passive Income Now: How Did 23 Bloggers Make Their First Buck Online?

The Financial Blogger: Creating an “Overnight” Success



Narrow Bridge Finance: What is the Debt Ceiling and Why Does It Matter?


Sustainable Personal Finance: The Best Time to Buy a New Car

Donna Freedman: Vacation Over? Make Re-enter Easier

My Dollar Plan: Grown Children and Parents Cohabitating to Save Money

Green Panda Treehouse: Electronic and Appliance Warranties – Insurance or Ripoffs?

Wealth Pilgrim: The Best Money Tip My Dad Gave Me

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  1. Thanks for hosting and for the editor’s pick. Great way to integrate Walter into this week!

  2. My wife and I just started watching Breaking Bad from the start. I think we’re only about 4 episodes into the first season, but so far it seems pretty good. Thanks for including our post in the carnival!

  3. Great efforts…Thanks…:)

  4. Thanks so much for hosting.
    I haven’t explored Breaking Bad yet. It sounds wonderfully addictive. I can handle a little moral desensitization in the name of good entertainment.

  5. Thanks a million for hosting this week Danielle.

  6. Thanks for hosting and using my entry.

  7. Thanks for including my post! I didn’t see Star Wars until last year (my now husband made me; he’s a fanatic). If you do find the time, definitely check out both series.

  8. Thanks for hosting!

  9. Thanks for hosting!

  10. Thanks for the shout out. Some great posts mentioned here.

  11. Thanks for including my post about what I would do if I inherited 1 million $!

  12. I can’t believe I was on the cutting room floor this week as Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows on TV. The post I submitted has had a lot of comments, too…oh well, so it goes I guess!

  13. Thanks for including Control Your Cash. (And yes, I bank at Wells too, kind of. The envelope-free deposits are great. The subliminal messages, less so.)


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