The Coupon Interview Experiment with Not Quite Susie

Please welcome Shell from Not Quite Susie.

1.  Do you use coupons for groceries?

Yes. I used to avidly coupon- not to the extent of those on the show, but to a much lesser degree. Lately I haven’t had time & have just done a quick Google search to see if I could find printable coupons for the items on my grocery list.

2.  What is the primary source of your coupons?

I use mostly printable coupons, but I do hang on to the coupons that are sent with the community paper every week & go through them.

3.  Have you ever purchased food that you would not normally eat because you have a coupon?  Remember any examples?

Yes, but not the way you think. I have actually been able to try new things because of using coupons- usually I can’t justify spending $5 on a box of healthy organic crackers when I can get plain old crackers for $2- but when I was able to get those healthy organic crackers for less than the regular old crackers, I stocked up & we enjoyed them!

4.  When you grocery shop, what are the most important factors in your food choices?

I like to eat healthily, but we have a lot of restrictions at our home: I don’t eat most meat {turkey & chicken only} and Shane, my toddler, is a REALLY picky eater. So while I wish I could say I am mostly concentrated on the health factor when shopping, realistically I just have to go for what will actually be eaten.

5.  Do you use reusable bags?  Why or why not?

I always have every intention of using them but since I grocery shop with 20-month-old who obviously sits in the child seat {taking up 1/3 of the cart} there’s not much room for the bags. &To be honest, I forget all about them anyway until I get to check out. I do recycle all my plastic bags though!

6.  If you had a coupon, would you purchase a stockpile items because of the deal?

Depends on the item and the deal!

7.  Do you plan your meals in advance?  What do you base your meal plan on?

I plan my family’s meals for one-week increments because I’m still new at meal planning. I base it on things I know my family will eat while still getting some variety in.

8.  Have you ever tried to coupon to get items for free or close to nothing?  How did it go? Do you still coupon?

I did for a period of time {maybe 3 months?} but when we began house hunting & I knew we’d be moving soon, I stopped so as to not have to move a stockpile. I’ve been meaning to start up again since we moved in to our house {in June… yeah.} but now that my son’s a full-blown toddler, I don’t always have the time.

9.  Last one – What do you blog about?  (Or, as we learned in Bloggy Bootcamp, what’s your elevator pitch?)

My blog is a mixture of personal stories as I attempt {&quite often, fail} to transition from sorority girl to stay-at-home mom & housewife.

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