My Aveda Facial and Plant Peel

I get facials semi-regularly. I recently decided to try getting a facial at an Aveda salon since their products are very eco-friendly and they are well-rated on Greenopia.  I went to True Salon.

The facial started out with a selection of an essential oil because it was going to be a “sensory journey.”  I went with tangerine oil.  It was lovely, but honestly, I don’t care if my facial is a sensory journey.  I really just want my pores clear and my skin to look good.

The facial was comparable to others that I have had in the past.  Rather than a regular mask, I got a plant peel to refine my giant pores and clear out blackheads.  I’ve had an enzyme peel in the past and it was overpriced and didn’t do much.  Also, it burned.  Didn’t like it at all.  Complete waste of money.

This was a lot different.  It felt like a normal mask.  It didn’t make my skin feel tight.  It didn’t burn.  I am accustomed to some sort of pain for something to be effective.  This had very little irritation.  I expected to see no difference.

When I got done the facial, I was amazed at the results.  Of course, there was some redness from the extractions.  But my skin looked SO MUCH BETTER from the peel.  My pores were tiny compared to what they were.  I was amazed.

I took this photo shortly after I got home.  I don’t have any make-up on whatsoever, so be kind.

Post facial at Aveda

The pores on my cheeks are so much smaller!  I highly recommend the plant peel.

I bought two products when the facial was done.  In small sizes, to make sure that I like them.  I want to stress that I carry a reusable bag in my purse at all times.  If something is small, I don’t use a bag at all.  These bottles are very small, so I said I don’t need a bag.

The woman looked at me and said, “how Aveda of you.”  Yes, it’s very Aveda of me. That’s exactly where I learned it.  Aveda.


  1. Ramona says

    Your skin looks amazing! I hope a year later you feel as strongly, I’ve just scheduledy first facial thanks to this post.