15 minutes a day went into overtime

I mentioned that I was trying to accomplish some goals with the fifteen minutes a day method that I learned in my Time Mastery CLE last year.  Well, taking fifteen minutes really motivated me to just get the dreaded chore done. 

We have a room that I like to call the home gym.  It's a den on the first floor and that's where The Boy's bowflex lives.  Until today, it has also been a pit of junk that was never unpacked when we moved in last year.  There were books.  Paintings.  My law school class binders.  So much junk.  On the rare occasions that the cleaning lady comes, we would just throw everything into that room and put a sign on it that said not to clean that room. 

It has been one of my goals to get that room organized.  It seemed like it would be a monster because there was simply too much stuff.  Well, it's done, more or less.  There are still a few storage containers that will be transitioned to a room upstairs.  (the spare bedroom.)  All of the books are in the sitting room in our bedroom, waiting patiently for some bookshelves from Ikea.  (which I don't have in Vegas, but that's a different post.) 

There is a massive pile going to Goodwill.  I dismantled all of my law binders and there is a mountain of paper to recycle.  We're talking five or six bankers boxes full of paper from law school and other various things.  (I hope they take it all on Thursday.) 

There is so much more to do to get organized, but I am VERY HAPPY with the progress I made this weekend.  It's coming along.  A year after moving into the house!