Environmental Factors

Folks, studying would be a thousand times better if I could just get some sleep.  For the past two nights, it’s definitely been less than five hours.  Last night, Tiki took the record by waking me up three times and Kevin followed closely with twice.  I woke up with a HORRIBLE headache and my entire body is sore because no sleep = fibro starts acting up.  I went to class and suffered through another three hours of the brewski talk.  Came home and crashed with a nap. 

So I spent two hours sleeping when I could have been studying if I’d only gotten a decent night’s sleep the night before.  Tonight, Kevin and Tiki have been evicted from the bedroom and I’m upping the contents of the nighty night cocktail to include 10 mg of Ambien.  I try not to load up on the meds because then the medicine hangover in the morning is worse than being tired.

Let’s hope this helps.  I have set several goals for studying this week and I’m not going to be able to achieve them unless I can give the appropriate amount of time when I am engaged in the process. 

Ugh.  Back to making flash cards for another hour and then to bed.  At least property is over tomorrow…

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  1. Joann (Hits the Pillow Like a Rock) says:

    Stop the drugs missy. Your body and mind are already tired from all this nonsensical crap we are forced to memorize. Have you thought about a large, chilled glass of wine before bed? I took some of those “special” vitams I bought online from that crooked pharmacy in Mexico to help me sleep. Of course, besides the fact that my toenails fell off (and have grown in funny looking), I also had repeated dreams of fistfighting my neighbors dog. Nice dog but he provoked me. Needless to say, the dog won every time. Moral of the story: don’t use drugs to help you sleep.